SUVCW Commander in Chief’s Order #6

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


Office of the Commander-in-Chief


Donald D. Palmer, Jr.


147 Lucerne Place


Ballwin, MO  63011




SERIES 2011-2012

04 October 2011



1.         At the 130th National Encampment in Reston, VA, a survey was distributed to get member feedback on National, Department and Camp programs and operations and provide a formal means to present new ideas. A total of 103 surveys were returned and I thank those Brothers who took the time to complete them.

2.         I would also like to provide those Brothers who did not attend the National Encampment an opportunity to provide feedback. As such, I am tasking National Chief of Staff Don Shaw with distributing the same survey to the Departments and Camps-at-Large through Department and Camp-at-Large leadership. I am requesting that Department Commanders flow the survey down to their Camp Commanders for subsequent distribution to their membership. I am also tasking National Membership-at-Large Coordinator Alan Russ to do the same for National Members-at-Large

3.         During the months of October and November, I am asking that Camp Commanders offer the survey to their Camp members. They may be completed during Camp meetings or on their own time. Completion of the survey is voluntary and not a requirement. I also ask those Brothers that completed surveys at the National Encampment to refrain from submitting another survey as your feedback has already been captured. All surveys must be returned by 30 November.

4.         All surveys from Departments and Camps-at-Large should be returned to Brother Shaw at the following address:


Donald W. Shaw, PCC

            3914 Larchmont St.

            Flint, MI  48532

or they may be scanned and returned electronically to Brother Shaw’s e-mail address at

All surveys from National Membership-at-Large should be returned to Brother Russ at the following address:

Alan L. Russ, PDC
P.O. Box 673

St. Francis, KS  67756

or they may be scanned and returned electronically to Brother Russ’ e-mail address at

5.         Survey results that reflect all responses received will be available to the membership in early 2012. An interim survey reflecting those collected at the National Encampment will be presented to the Council of Administration at the November meeting in Gettysburg.



Ordered this 4th day of October 2011


Donald D. Palmer, Jr.


Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War





Eugene G. Mortorff

National Secretary

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

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